The Family: a sexyweird take on vampires, their society, their monstrosity, and their  special brand of murderous drama from KV Taylor. It starts in February 2013 with Liam, the beginning of a whole new, wholly unexpected kind of family. With teeth.

Late starter Liam Corchoran struggles with college from the beginning. He’s used to a life fueled by books and early morning chores, not alcohol and sex. His roommate is a cocky city kid he couldn’t be less interested in, his best friend and family are a hundred miles away, and he’s ever so emo about life in general.

His roommate Gianni Fiorenza never struggles with anything but boredom: the chief difficulty in the life of a vicious, century old vampire. He’d expected this College Experiment to keep him amused for at least a semester, but after a barely month he’s ready to fling himself into lake Erie.

It begins as pure entertainment, a provisional friendship. Then it turns into a challenge. Then something like love, at times indistinguishable from hate. It’s a love story for monsters, and the beginning of something that will affect their lives, families, friends, and world forever.

Which, for a vampire, is a hell of a long time.

Out Valentine’s Day 2013 from Belfire Press.

What’s up next for The Family? Check it out!

“Liam” drawn by Courtney Bernard.

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